Dry strength agent series, wet strength agent series, packing bag requests, dirty mud parcel agent, dispersant, interlayer adhesion promoter, thickening agent and so on.
Dispersant:high molecular polymer ideal for dispersing Inorganic Pigments
Ceramic chemical
Body: binder polymer, significantly enhance the green and dry strength, easy to use, improve the rate of finished products, improve product quality. Water reducing agent: high polymer, improve the …
Daily Chemicals
Dispersant:water-soluble polymer designed to enhance the performance of many different household,   industrial and institutional detergents
On May 14, 2023, the 30th International Tissue Paper Science and Technology Exhibition took place at the Nanjing International Expo Conference Center. This highly anticipated event attracted nearly...
 Since 2018, The Champion Chemicals have imposed strict rules and regulation upon itself to improve the company’s system management. The company held several internal management meetings, hired sy...
Warmly congratulate the company on passing the certification of ISO quality management system, environmental management system, and occupational health and safety management system, and obtaining t...
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Champion Chemicals (Yangzhou Company Limited is a foreign investment company founded in 2012. We specialize in production, development and distribution of water-soluble polymers with an annual capacity of 6000 …
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